Charl Dee WritingHi, I’m Charl Dee,  aka El Cid, the Kid, my super alter ego.  If you want to, you can tell me who you are later.

This is a collection of my stories about growing up.  Not all my stories, just most of the ones that have something to do with poor.  Poor, as in, not having enough money.   Learning about, dealing with and just being money poor.  They’re not about being poor at doing something, like spellish, but I’m not too good at that, so I got help.

The stories start at age four and go through just past twelve.  My family of five grew to six and then seven.  We moved five times, over the rainbow.  Some running to.  Some running from.  Some of both.  I guess we all did the best we could.

I’m the main character, author and narrator.  Because I’m a boy, book people call my writing ‘middle grade’ or ‘mid-grade’ for short.  That’s not fair, because it’s better than that.  My teacher says I’m a ‘first person narrator’.  I’m ok with that, but she also called me a ‘protagonist’.  I don’t think that’s entirely fair because I try to be good.  Most of the time.

Each page here is one or more of these stories.  I’m going to add about one page every week.  Many of them are also in the book I’m working on.  Some aren’t because the book got too fat.  They’re still good stories, though.  Some of the longer stories will only be in the book, ’cause that works best.  The stories that are here aren’t cut down or anything and they’re free.  All you have to do is read them.  If you want to.

Ready, set, go.

P.S. If you ask for email notices of new stories (see below), I’ll tell you when the book is ready to buy, too.

P.P.S. No ads!  No adult content!  No worries!

P.P.P.S. Do you know what ‘El Cid’ means in Spanish?

Answer: The Master